International Shipping

We don’t make direct international shipment.
But you can purchase our collection by using “Tenso.com” as follows.




<Before your order>

Please make your Tenso.com account.

How to order

Please click above “GALLERY” “ITEM CATEGORY” “TOPICS” “STYLING” to see our collections.

Add to shopping cart

Click “カートに入れる“ when you decide the item / color / size.

Addition / Correction

When you want cancel the order, click “delete” 『取り消し』
In case you need cancel all order, click “empty the cart” 『カートの中身を空にする』

If you want to continue shopping, click "『買い物を続ける』"

When you fix your order, please click “このサイトでお支払い”
Or “Amazon アカウントでお支払い” → in case you have your Amazon account.


Click “新規会員登録へ進む” to register your membership.

Fill in your personal information

“お名前" = Firstname, Last name
“フリカナ" = Firstname, Last name
“メールアドレス" = e-mail address
*“郵便番号" = Postal code
*“都道府県" = Prefecture
*“ご住所" = Address
“お電話番号" = Phone Number

When you register, please enter your special Japanese shipping address issued by “Tenso.com.”

登録確定 → Confirm a registration

Select payment method

Only Credit Card Payment is available.
Please click 『クレジット カード』

お支払い方法(the number of payment)→ choose “1回払い”(one time)
有効期限 (Validity)→ Year / Month
クレジット番号(Credit Card Number) → Enter Credit Card Number (with no spaces or hyphens)
カード名義 (Card Holder’s Name)
セキュリティコード(Security Code)
注文確認(Confirmation of your order)

After your confirmation, click “注文確定” for order placement.